Anchor-Richey Emergency Vehicles

  • Skid Units

    Our EVS® Standard Skid Unit is built with a HPXB200-B18 Hale pump with 18 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine with gas tank on bottom…

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  • Flatbed Trucks

    Anchor-Richey EVS Flatbed Brush Truck Built on a Ford or Dodge chassis with gas or diesel engine…

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  • Multi-Purpose Trucks

    Anchor-Richey EVS 10 Foot Multi-Purpose Emergency Responder Built on a Ford or Dodge chassis with diesel or gas engines…

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  • Wet Rescue Trucks

    Anchor-Richey EVS Wet Rescue Emergency Vehicle features a 12′ Wet Rescue Body with Diesel Skid Unit…

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  • Custom Emergency Vehicles

    Contact Anchor-Richey EVS about our Custom Emergency Vehicles like this 2011 Ford F350 pick-up with an Anchor-Richey EVS 225 gallon Skid Unit installed…

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  • Tankers

    Anchor-Richey EVS Tankers (1800, 2000 & 3000 gallons)

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  • Marion Body Works

    Call our office for more information.

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