Charlotte’s “Pink Lady”

I wanted to personally thank you ( The Anchor Richey Team )  for the fantastic job and generosity , you did  with E90 “Charlotte’s Pink Lady “ . I have only seen pictures of it , but I am very excited to see it up close .  ( I have been bringing my camera to work for a week ! LOL ) It is a wonderful thing and from what I am hearing and I have seen , It is BEAUTIFUL . This is very personal for me,  My Mother ( she is 84) has Breast Cancer and I have 2 personal friends that are fighting the Breast Cancer Battle right now, and  I have lost several people in my life over the years to the disease. The awareness this Fire Truck will generate will be great.  Thankfully ,I also have friends that are survivors of the disease, and I am a firm believer that education and awareness are  key factors in winning the battle against Breast Cancer . I think a PINK Fire Truck passing you going down the street will definitely get people talking .

Again …. Thank you !



Glenda L. Locke

City Of Charlotte

BSS/Equipment Management Division

Parts Team Leader 

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