Our People

Meet Our Team of Experienced and Professional Emergency Vehicle Specialists


Matthew Richey, Owner/President, Anchor-Richey EVS

Matthew Richey

Bill McCormick, Vice President, Anchor-Richey EVS

Bill McCormick
Vice President

Jim McCormick, Apparatus Sales (Son of Bill McCormick), Anchor-Richey EVS

Jim McCormick
Apparatus Sales Manager
(Son of Bill McCormick)

Chip Duncan, Apparatus Sales, Parts & Equipment Sales, Anchor-Richey EVS

Chip Duncan
Apparatus, Parts & Equipment Sales

Yvette Richey Helms, Parts & Equipment Sales (Daughter of Matthew Richey), Anchor-Richey EVS

Yvette Richey Helms
Parts & Equipment Sales
(Daughter of Matthew Richey)

Susan Bowman, Parts & Equipment Sales, Anchor-Richey EVS

Susan Bowman
Parts & Equipment Sales

Anita Bostian, Human Resource/Accounting, Anchor-Richey EVS

Anita Bostian
Human Resource/Accounting/ AP

Shayla Richey Nelson, Executive Assistant /Sales Team Support (Daughter of Matthew Richey)

Shayla Richey Nelson
Executive Assistant/Sales Team Support
(Daughter of Matthew Richey)

Alyson Richey Rector, Administrative Assistant (Daughter of Matthew Richey), Anchor-Richey EVS

Alyson Richey Rector
Administrative Assistant/ AR
(Daughter of Matthew Richey)

Dannie Ritchie, Shop Foreman/Fabricator/Assembly, Anchor-Richey EVS

Dannie Ritchie
Shop Foreman/Fabricator/Assembly


Ronnie Arnette
Fabricator / Service

Chip James, Fabricator, Anchor-Richey EVS

Chip James

Landon Beard, Fabricator/Assembly, Anchor-Richey EVS

Landon Beard
Fabricator/Assembly/ Service

Randy Shook, Fabricator/Assembly/Service, Anchor-Richey EVS

Randy Shook

Lewis Robbins, Body/Painter, Anchor-Richey EVS

Lewis Robbins

Kyle Wike, Body/Painter, Graphics Installer, Anchor-Richey EVS

Kyle Wike
Body/Painter/Graphics Installer

Chris Bostian, Shop Coordinator, Anchor-Richey EVS

Chris Bostian
Shop Coordinator

Kurt Starnes, Service Manager, Anchor-Richey EVS

Kurt Starnes
Service Manager

Matthew Tevepaugh, Fabricator/Assembly, Anchor-Richey EVS

Matthew Tevepaugh

Jason Eckard

Noah Roberts

Lewis White Jr.